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Tree Hill offers a variety of quality, hands-on educational opportunities for groups of all ages. We are also happy to discuss customized programs for your specific needs. All programs have a minimum of 15 paying people. Less than the minimum there is a flat rate.

Animal EncounterAnimal Encounter

45 minute show

$7.00 per person (15-35 participants)  
$6.00 per person (36+ participants)

Off-sites available starting at $500.00. Contact Greta Combs for more information.

Learn about the physical characteristics of native animals and how different adaptations enable the animals to live in their habitats. This educational program teaches the important roles animals play in nature and how one species’ survival effects many others. We use a variety of engaging props and displays as well as live animals, to bring learning to life. 

There is also a natural history museum and live animal exhibits to see in the park.  

 Trail TourGuided Trail Tour

 45 minute hike

$9.00 per person (15 to 35 participants) 
$8.00 per person (36+ participants)

Tree Hill's popular Guided Trail Tours includes a 45-minute hike where visitors learn about different habitats, layers of the forest, and animals that live there. Each tour is a unique educational experience based on the time of year and time of day!

Combination  Program - Animal Encounter and Guided Tour

Includes the 45-minute Animal Encounter and the Guided Tour.

$12.00 per person (15-36 participants)
$11.00 per person (36+ participants)

Can't make it to Tree Hill? Let us bring Tree Hill to you!

 To schedule an educational program, please call Greta Combs(904) 724-4646 ext 204 or We require a one week minimum notice. Further, if you have specific dates you need, we recommend that you schedule as soon as possible.

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